Solutions to learning disabilities, behavior and attention deficit
                      for children, adults and teenagers

I cannot say enough about Anne's work, for it is truly remarkable.

I have always had dyslexic tendencies, but as I finished high school and prepared for university studies, I began to encounter more difficulties with these tendencies. This affected my ability to read quickly and efficiently, my ability to read and study music, as well as that relating to mathematics and content retention. Anne worked with me for a week over the summer leading up to my first year at university, during which she applied a variety of diagnostic techniques and learning strategies. The time spent in this therapy was both energy-demanding and intense, but I would not trade it for anything; it was as if a veil was lifted from my eyes through this time, and my brain was finally able to function efficiently in those areas which were often such a source of  struggle for me.

Though the transition to university was a difficult one, with the use of the tools and strategies I learned while working with Anne, I was able to approach my studies with more confidence, and rose to the top of my class in many courses. I am now in my final semester of university studies, completing a degree in the medical field, and can say without a doubt that Anne's work has proved to be life-changing. It is as if she handed me a key to unlocking and understanding the unique way in which I learn, in which my brain functions. I still use the tools she equipped me with then on a daily basis, as they have become an integral part of the way I learn.

I will forever be grateful for her kind perseverance, her warmth, and her dedication during that week of therapy, for it truly has made a tremendous difference in my life.


-Mary H.(22 ans)