Solutions to learning disabilities, behavior and attention deficit
                             for children, adults and teenagers

Anne Guignard


As a teacher, people with learning difficulties have always attracted me, which led me to follow traineeships about teaching practices with Antoine de La Garanderie. Later, I discovered books by Ron Davis and it was immediately obvious that it was the solution that could finally help anyone who suffer from learning disabilities. The next step was therefore simple, get trained in order to offer this method to all those who are suffering or who simply want to improve.


The Davis method is not limited to :



        Davis® Dyslexia Correction



There are  different programs:


  • Davis® Math Mastery,

  • Davis® Reading Program for Young Learners

  • Davis® Attention Mastery

  • *Nurturing the seed of genius" is the suitable program for autism, autistic disorders, pervasive developmental disorders. Its purpose is to help all people to participate fully in life; to understand the world in which they live.



My professional experience: 30 years, including 18 years teaching French as a foreign language, allow me to help people with any learning disabilities and provide advice on methodology for those who need it.



Professional training:



  • Kindergarten and primary school teaching certification obtained in France.

  • Mental training and mental training for foreign language.

  • Davis facilitator certification: Davis Dyslexia Association International.

  • Davis autism coach/facilitator






Usually, the lessons take place at my home, but if you cannot come, we will find a solution together.

You can also find other Davis facilitators approved by the Davis Dyslexia Association International in several countries by logging on to: